Thank You

With Thanks

This market is run entirely but volunteers, for the benefit of the local community, local businesses and local charities. It simply would not run if it weren’t for help given by those mentioned on this page.

Many thanks to those living in the village, in particular the homeowners on the route. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A HUGE thank you to the homeowners who donate electricity to light the stalls.

Thank you to the team of volunteers who come very early to erect the stalls, and leave very late… a massive task. Thanks in advance to our other helpers… stall movers, Santa’s elves, marshals and litter pickers.

Thanks to the heritage rooms, little miss, our 2 fabulous pubs, our wonderful Santa and tucann publishing (and sincere apologies if I have missed anyone!).

Particular thanks to the following for their assistance with the day: